Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer: Easy photo management

Managing and editing pictures usually takes quite a big chunk of time. However, the completely free Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer makes things easy by offering a simple editor and a comprehensive management tool in the same package.

Installation & Requirements

When you open the installer, a small window will pop up. You will have to press on the Setup button in order to continue. The rest of the setup is very simple and should also complete quite fast, even if it seems to be hanging at a point. The application requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework but it will automatically detect and download it if you do not have it. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The interface of the program is very well designed. The general grey metallic skin fits very nicely with the rest of the program. All of the various buttons are also very nice and pleasant to look at with absolutely no question as to their function. The main interface for viewing the pictures is large enough to fit a whole lot of them without feeling cluttered while the rest of the tabs also seem to fall in place naturally.

One of the most interesting things about the application is that almost every action is done in a separate tab. For example, the main and default tab is the Folder one. There you will find the navigation panel which is really a Windows Explorer browser of your computer that you can use to find your pictures. When you double click on a picture, it will open in a completely separate tab without affecting the folder one.  The top of the interface is reserved for a toolbar and the address bar. The only interesting thing about that toolbar is the HTML to Picture tool that will let you convert URLs to images.There is actually a built-in browser that you can use to browse pretty much any website. However, the default search will take you to Google images where you will be able to immediately download the pictures you find there and insert them to the application.

When you open a new image, you will have a ton of options in the right sidebar. That sidebar has options in any tab but they are not as extensive as when viewing an image. You will be able to perform some basic edits in the picture, publish it on Facebook, fix some things like the red eye and more. In the bottom of the interface you will find yet another toolbar. The options found in the bottom toolbar are pretty basic, like setting the image as wallpaper, zooming it and finding other pictures. Closing the image tab only affects that specific tab so you can make any changes you want, save the image and then go on your business as usual.


-Fast installation
-Well designed interface with a modern look
-A lot of different options at your disposal
-There is a built-In web browser
-Simple yet effective editing settings


-None that would be worth mentioning


There is certainly a lot to like about Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer. The sleek interface, the simplicity of navigating the pictures, the quick and easy editing tools and the built-in browser are certainly the highlights of this brilliant little program that you should definitely try.