Flyperlink is a lightweight Android web browser optimized for multitasking

The ever-expanding list of web browsers for Android received a new app that’s certainly worthy of attention. Flyperlink doesn’t aim to replace your default web browser, but it does make it very easy to view online content on top of anything else that may be displayed on your screen.

The app runs unobtrusively in the background but when you tap a URL, a system prompt will offer you the list of your installed browsers you can use to open the link, Flyperlink included. Should you choose this app, it will display the content in a floating web browser that you can minimize and reposition on the screen according to your preferences.

Getting rid of the bubble is just as easy: just drag it on top of the trash icon located at the bottom of the screen to close it. While this is Flyperlink’s main feature, it’s definitely not the only one. The app comes with an option that makes it possible to view online content on top of the lock screen and it provides a share button for the link as well as the ability to open it in a different app.

The latter option works both ways, meaning you can also open a link in Flyperlink via the share button from other apps. The floating browser is fully functional and it lets you easily select text to copy, and even view the content in desktop mode.

Most of the app’s features are free – in fact, there are only two IAPs. One unlocks the ability to resize the popup browser and the other one lets you make a small donation to the developers if you enjoy using Flyperlink and want to support it.

There are other browser apps for Android that have similar features, but even if Flyperlink is one of the newest ones it can definitely compete with already established titles as it works smoothly and is exceptionally easy to use.

Download Flyperlink (Google Play Store)

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