Folder Lock: Instant data protection

Folder Lock is an encryption application that will help you protect your files, your USBs and your disks in a single protection package. The application is offered as a trial version with some limitations.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation is very fast and quite simple, with the option to view the user guide after it is done. The application supports all versions of Windows from XP and beyond as well as Windows Servers from 2003 and later.


The first thing you will need to do when you run the application for the first time is to set up a master password. This can be easily done in the main interface window and the application will guide you through the process anyway. After you enter your password twice you will gain access to all the features of the application.

Protecting your folders is an extremely easy procedure. Simply add any files you want to the appropriate interface by dragging and dropping them in it or by clicking on the Add button and choosing one of the options there. When you add folders they will automatically get locked and they will also disappear from their previous location. You can only access them from inside the application and you do not have to enter your password again unless you choose so in the Settings.

For further protection you can encrypt your files. You can create a virtual locker that you can encrypt with another password and simply lock it so that no one can access the files. The locker creation wizard is very simple and you can use the default settings for everything. To add files you can simply move them inside the locker and close it. They will be automatically protected. However, the original file will not be deleted and it will not be locked so you might want to delete it yourself for maximum security.

Other utilities offered by the application are the backups, protecting your USBs/CDs and creating virtual wallets. All of the tools and utilities can be accessed from the left side panel. For the backup utility you will need to create an account as the backup is done online. Protecting your drives means that the application will move your lockers to the external drives or disks and make them portable so that they can be executed at any point. Finally, you can create a virtual wallet to store all of your important billing information like your credit cards, your bank account, your various memberships and more. Apart from the master password you can also set specific passwords for each utility so that even if the master password is compromised you will still be protected.


-Fast installation
-Sleek interface design
-Very easy to use even for inexperienced users
-Multiple protection modes that are fully customizable


-None that would be worth mentioning


Folder Lock is a fantastic program that will instantly make you feel safer. The application’s easy to use utilities combined with the customizable settings make it one of the top choices in the data protection field.