How To Force restart the iPhone X

I guess any modern device has the occasional software glitch and the new iPhone X is no exception. It doesn’t matter if the cause is an app or iOS itself, the solution is often resumed to a force restart. But how do you force restart the iPhone X? Keep reading to find out!

While iOS is an excellent operating system that usually runs smoothly, there can still be occasional minor software problems. A lot of them can be solved if you simply shut down & restart the iPhone X. It’s certainly not complicated but unlike earlier iPhone models for which you would need to press and hold the side button to get the “slide to power off” option, you’re going to have to go to Settings -> General and tap on “Shut Down”.

How to force restart the iPhone X

Although this rarely happens, if your iPhone X completely freezes, a force restart will likely be required. Also called hard reboot, if you force restart the iPhone X, it will reload the operating system. Don’t mistake it with a reset, as that will restore the device to factory settings wiping all personal data. No data will be lost after a force restart.

To hard reboot your iPhone X, press and hold the volume down and side buttons at the same time until the display shuts off. This will take approximately 10 seconds to happen. Don’t let go of the buttons, keep holding them until you see the Apple boot screen.

Your iPhone X should start as normal and if this didn’t solve the issue you can start exploring other solutions.

Freezing and crashing problems on the iPhone tend to happen more often for jailbroken devices but it’s still useful to know how to force restart the iPhone X. Who knows when you’re going to need it?

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