Forest for Windows Phone can help cure your phone addiction

    This world is full of distractions, but smartphones are surely somewhere at the top of the list, simply because they are a container for an entire collection of distractions – games, social media, Internet access and so on. If you’re someone that tends to spend too much time on your Windows Phone and let it distract you from your daily activities know that the Forest app just landed in Windows Store.

    Forest for Windows Phone - Plant a seed

    The $0.99 app certainly has a unique take on time management. Plant a virtual seed and within 30 minutes a (also virtual) tree will grow, but not if you exit the app – which would mean you’re wasting time on your phone again instead of focusing on your tasks. In time, with each tree you grow you’ll eventually have an entire forest.

    The idea is quite brilliant. Forest lets you visualize your precious time passing by and it also gives you a sense of accomplishment for every tree that fully develops. If you feel like you need a fresh start you can always delete your forest and start again from scratch.

    Forest for Windows Phone - Virtual forest

    Because the app wants to make you feel proud of yourself when you manage to stay off your phone and be productive at work, school…etc. you can also share your forest with friends. Forest also comes with an exclusive Windows Phone feature: it lets you see the time remaining until the tree is fully developed right on your Lock screen.

    I really loved the simple way Forest lets you manage your time and help you be more productive. Being able to create custom timers for the trees to grow and maybe get them in different sizes based on the set time length would make useful additions to the app, although it’s nice even as it is now.

    What are your main smartphone distractions? Do you think the Forest app can help you stay focused on your tasks and away from your phone?

    Forest for Windows PhoneDownload

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