[Quick Tip] Format text in WhatsApp and make it bold, italic or strikethrough

Format text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp released a new update that adds the option to turn the text bold, italic or strikethrough, in messages sent via the app. But you can’t simply push a button to format text in WhatsApp, although it would have certainly been nice.

A visual editor is always the easiest way to format text, and this capability has been somewhat neglected in many communication and messaging apps despite the fact it can make conversations more relevant.

It seems WhatsApp has taken the old-school approach so there is no visual editor or UI elements to use these features. The new text formatting options are available starting with WhatsApp version 2.12.27 for iOS and 2.12.535 for Android.

How to format text in WhatsApp

Format text in WhatsApp
Credit: AndroidPolice.com

To bold a piece of text you need to write it between asterisks, for example typing *Insert bold text here* will display it Insert bold text here in any conversation.

To italicize text you’ll have to write it between underscores like this: _Insert italicized text here_ and it will show up Insert italicized text here.

If you want to add a strikethrough line in your text type the following characters at the start and end:

So if you write in WhatsApp ~Insert strikethrough text here~  it will appear Insert strikethrough text here after you send it.

Of course, you can use them in combination, so if you use *_ before and after a piece of text it will appear as italic AND bold.

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