How To: Forward Text Messages on the iPhone

Hi-Tech has made users really lame: we loathe typing out information that is already somewhere in our files, cloud or text messages. Thankfully, iOS devices have a little handy feature that allows users to forward text messages, and here is how you do it:

Step 1. Find the text message conversation that you would like to forward.

Step 2. You will see bubbles next to each text message, so find the one you want to forward and tap twice on its bubble. You should be able to see a black bubble saying “Copy|More.” Choose “More.”

Important note: if you want to forward a message containing email addresses, links, phone numbers or anything else that’s clickable, make sure not to tap on those.


Step 3. As you tap More, you will see a lot of toggles appear on the left side of the screen, right next to speech bubbles. By default, your iPhone selects the most recent text message, but if you need to forward more than one message, just toggle the empty bubbles next to text messages in the conversation.

Step 4. Find a curved arrow in the right bottom corner of the screen and tap it.

Step 5. You will see a new screen with a new sms conversation with a blank field for the recipient’s details. Fill it in and tap “Send.”

Voila! No more aggravating copy-pasting. You can thank us in the comments below.