FotoMorph: High-quality image morphing and other animations for amateurs

FotoMorph is a free application that allows even inexperienced users to create several kinds of animations. Besides offering an easy way of morphing images, FotoMorph includes other effects such as warping, panning and transitions.

Installation & Requirements

FotoMorph installs quickly with only the standard setup steps and no bundled adware. One thing is worth mentioning: prior to the installation the program recommends users to close other applications before continuing.

FotoMorph supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, Visa, 7 and 8. Even if it is an animation program, FotoMorph is small and goes easy on the system resources, so there are no additional hardware requirements.


FotoMorph’s UI offers a clean, tabbed layout listing the four main functions of the program in the top menu. The Projects tab offers users a simple way to manage their projects but also offers a few samples that demonstrate each of FotoMorph’s capabilities, namely morphing, panning, warping and transitions.

Creating a new project begins with choosing the initial sequence which can be any of the above mentioned types. Of course, users can add more sequences in the same project. In the Images tab, the photo(s) can be selected for each of the created sequences as well as perform several image editing tasks, like rotating, resizing, flipping and deforming. Based on the type of the sequence, the Control tab provides settings and adjustments related to the type of sequence you’re currently working on, including the possibility to define delays and sequence duration.

In the Animation tab, users can preview their entire project, containing all of its sequences and add a few effects such as shadows, frames, background and animation test. In the same tab there is also the Export options that opens up its own window. Various output formats are offered, namely Image Sequence, SWF, SWF + HTML, GIF and AVI and three quality levels are offered for users to choose from.


– Clean, tabbed interface with easily accessible options.

– Allows users with no image manipulation experience create high-quality professional looking animations.

– Short learning process is supported by online documentation and tutorials as well as built-in sample projects.

– Exported projects can be saved as various file formats, including GIF, SWF and AVI.


– None worth mentioning.


Digital artists might not be satisfied by what FotoMorph has to offer. Nevertheless, novice users and amateurs will love it since it delivers high-quality animations with very little effort. It’s one of the easiest ways for someone with no experience in image animation and manipulation to learn the basics quickly and get surprising results.