Four Killer Tips for Modern Combat 5: Blackout

It’s been about a week since the highly anticipated Modern Combat sequel was released. MC5: Blackout, features tons of action packed gameplay, and endless hours of multi-player combat. There are five separate game modes available for the online mode: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, VIP, CTF, and Sabotage, which provides plenty to do. While some players are struggling in matchmaking, others are striving — but regardless of what your skill level is, you might find something in these four tips that could drastically change your performance in Modern Combat 5.

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Tip #1 – Always Take Cover

You may have noticed that it is incredibly hard to shoot someone who is crouched behind a wall, but they seem to have no problem taking you out in the wide open. One of the biggest improvements you can make to your play-style is to take cover as much as possible. Obviously there will be times where you need to sprint from one area to another, but be sure to find cover quickly when you arrive at your destination.

To avoid being flushed out by grenades, try to find a cover spot with plenty of room to move around. This is difficult since you don’t want to be exposed from behind either, so taking cover near your allies is usually a good idea as well. Being well covered takes a lot of map awareness and improvisation, which are two great skills to have in Modern Combat 5.

Tip #2 – Level up Guns in Campaign

As you use a gun more and more, you start unlocking attachments for that weapon, which make it more powerful in the battlefield. Because of this, it’s a really good idea to use the weapon in Campaign modes to unlock the attachments quickly, and not have to use a weak gun against other players. Of course if you feel superior enough to use a weak gun, you can skip this — but I personally prefer to have the odds in my favor.


Typically, the stock weapon attachment is going to be pretty weak, and every un-lockable will be better — but each in a different way. You can get a powerful weapon by unlocking just the first couple attachments in each category, but it’s nice to have all of your options available to give you the best shot of winning in multi-player.

Tip #3 – Tweak Controls to Perfection

Blackout has a lot of different ways you can customize the controls to suit your specific play-style. You can set things up pretty much however you want, including button movement, sensitivity adjustment, HUD opacity, and various other on/off settings (some of these are limited to campaign only). Obviously there’s not going to be a set of settings that works for everyone, so you really just need to tweak and adjust as necessary.

If you are noticing that enemies are running faster than you can aim, try upping your aim sensitivity. If it’s the other way around, and your sights are going too fast for you to lock in on your opponent, maybe you should take them down a notch. Likewise with buttons, anything that you have trouble tapping, or can’t access quickly enough — it’s gotta get moved.

Tip #4 – Hold Steady, Then Fire

When you fire your weapon, the cross-hairs will jitter around and cause your aim to be a bit off. This is affected by a couple of things, one of which is going to be your attachments — so if you are having a tough time aiming (non sensitivity related), try some more accurate attachments for your weapon. However, a wild aim can also be caused by you running, walking, or even just standing.


If you want to maximize your aiming potential, you’ll want to follow Tip #1! By crouching, not only can you take great cover, but your aim is increased tremendously as well. You might be tempted to start strafing back and forth when you see an enemy doing it, but all they are doing is hurting their aim. If you crouch down and get your cross-hairs right on them, you’ll win the fight every time.

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Thanks for checking out these tips for Modern Combat 5: Blackout! Be sure to leave a comment if you enjoyed them, and feel free to leave some tips of your own!