Foxmail: A free e-mail client

In today’s world, managing one’s e-mails can be a full time job. Foxmail promises to make this a bit easier by giving its users the ability to manage all of their e-mails from a single platform.

Installation & Requirements

It should be noted right from the start that the installer only comes in Chinese. It is very easy to navigate though as you simply have to click on the middle button to start the installation. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you first stat the program you will need to set up a few things. First of all, the interface is again in Chinese. However, this can be fixed in one of two ways. Either go to the installation folder, search for “Chinese” and delete the language files so that only English remains or wait until you log in the program and change the language from the options menu. The second option, however, will require you to create an account while using the Chinese interface. To create an account you will also need to find your e-mail provider’s POP3 and SMTP details.

After you are finished with configuring your first account, you will be taken to the application’s main interface. You will not have to enter your details again each time you enter the application as that would be very counter-productive. After all, you can enter more than one e-mail address to manage. The first time you run the program, the application might think that all of your e-mails are new ones. Either set it to receive the first couple hundred of them or set it to only receive new ones if you do not want the client to be flooded with old mail.

In the left side of the main interface you will see your accounts with the normal e-mail categories like Inbox, Sent and Draft. There you can view all of your e-mails like you normally would and click on any link you wish. This will simply open your default browser. Images can be viewed directly from the application whereas videos will only display a thumbnail. All of the different e-mail options are located either at the top toolbar or by right clicking on an e-mail. You can reply directly from the application, delete them from your account and send new e-mails with custom fonts and multiple attachments.

The options menu will serve you well in this regard as you can set up pretty much everything related to your account along with some additional options like bigger file attachments and more security for your accounts. You can also enter additional accounts through the same options menu even with different services like Gmail and Windows Live for example.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface that is very easy to navigate
-Support for multiple accounts at one
-Extremely easy to use while offering tons of options


-Chinese installation


Foxmail is a fantastic e-mail manager that lets you organize all of your accounts and your e-mails in a single package that also happens to be free. The functionality of the program combined with the neat interface make it one of the best choices for an e-mail client.