FoxPlayer: Lightweight audio playback

FoxPlayer is a free and tiny application that can play all of your favourite audio files like MP3 with a very simple interface and with minimal system resources required.

Installation & Requirements

During the installation the application will try to force some extra software on you. Be wary of them if you do not want to install them and if the application tells you that you have to check the boxes to continue, simply press cancel and the installation will continue normally. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you start the application you will be greeted with a window asking you if you want to buy the full version of the application. You can completely ignore it as the application can also be used for free and that is the only nagging screen you will get.

The main window of the application itself is very small and very compact. You can just drag and drop your audio files in the application to play them or right click on it and use the “Add’ button to insert files. Moreover, if you go to the Options menu you can register the audio file associations with the application so that you can play them simply by double clicking on them. The options tab also has a lot more settings that you can use to customize the experience. Lastly, you can view the keyboard shortcuts that are associated with FoxPlayer by looking at the “About” menu in the right click context menu.

At the left of the main window you will notice a cross of sorts with each edge offering a different option. From the bottom edge you can change the skin to an alternative, smaller and more compact one which simply provides playback option. The left enable shuffling, the top brings up the playlist editor and the right one puts tracks in repeat mode. Lastly, the volume can be adjusted either by the middle mouse button or the respective icon in the application and the Equalizer can be activated by clicking on the EQ button at the left corner of the main interface window.

If you want to play multiple files or create a playlist you can press P or right click and choose the Playlist option. The interface is very basic but you can add as many files as you want, including a whole directory, and you can also put the files in any order you wish. You can even set them to play in shuffle mode if you want.


-Minimal system resources required
-Compact yet decent interface
-There are multiple keyboard shortcuts that provide easier access and more control
-It is easy to use for anyone
-Basic playlist editor


-Limited options available
-The setup tries to force extra software


If you are looking for a compact, lightweight audio player that will support all of your favourite files then you have probably found it. The minimalistic FoxPlayer is perfect for such situations and since it requires minimal system resources you should definitely give it a go.