Free Alarm Clock: Friendly application that lets you create and manage multiple alarm clocks

Traditional clocks and mobile phones are used to set alarm clocks most of the time, but a PC application such as Free Alarm Clock does offer a series of extra benefits and can be especially useful if you’re around your computer most of the time.

Installation & Requirements

Free Alarm Clock has a snappy install process that contains no adware or third-party applications. This tiny, lightweight program runs on a multitude of Windows OS editions, namely 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012 and 8.

The program also has a portable version available, so you can use it from any portable storage device with no installation needed.


The functional interface is clean, although not too polished. Even so, Free Alarm Clock is extremely simple to use. The main operations for alarms are add, edit, delete and clone.
The Add Alarm options include setting its time, days of the week, label, sound (you can even add your own audio files), volume level, loop, snooze, wake up the computer from sleep and turn on the monitor.

From the Options menu you can set the program to run at Windows startup, set the snooze duration (1-10 minutes), display the clock in a floating window, view the alarms listed as single lines and change the language.

Free Alarm Clock is very easy to use, yet is does have an online help manual. In case you are confused about the meaning of a feature or option, here is the place you can get clarifications.


– Free application with fast, adware-free installation and a portable version available.
– Clean, friendly interface that allows any user to easily create and manage alarms.
– You can use built-in alarm sounds or add your own audio files.
– Includes options to wake up the computer from sleep and turn on the monitor.


– An option to set “only once” alarms would be very useful.


Free Alarm Clock can be used with no problems by anyone and it does include everything one would need for alarm creation and management with no useless extras that could complicate things.