This free app lets you access Android Marshmallow’s file manager from the homescreen

Android Marshmallow includes a native file manager offering basic functionality. If you’re used to third-party apps such as ES File Explorer, this one will probably seem insufficient. Even so, not everyone needs built-in viewers, players and management options for apps, cloud storage integration and other advanced features.

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I recently talked about how you can enable Marshmallow’s file manager, which is not visible by default (you can read all about it here). If what the native file manager can do meets your demands, the only reason why you’d skip it in favor of a third-party app is the intricate access path. The OS only lets you get to it via Settings -> Storage & USB -> Explore.

The good news is, Android developers are always prepared to offer solutions for such problems. A free little app called Marshmallow File Manager has been brought to my attention and what it can do is allow you to create shortcuts for the stock file manager on the homescreen to facilitate easy access.

Download Marshmallow File Manager (Google Play)

Marshmallow File Manager 1

Marshmallow File Manager is a simple shortcut creator, which lets you add shortcuts to the file manager, but also specific folders – images, video and audio – on your homescreen. As you probably expect the creation process for shortcuts is straightforward.

Marshmallow File Manager 1

All you need to do is select the shortcut’s destination which can be the File Manager or the Images, Video or Audio folders and give it a name and you can create shortcuts for each of the options.

The app is free, although donations are welcomed if you find it useful. What I find particularly interesting is the fact you can uninstall Marshmallow File Manager after you create the shortcuts. This allows you to quickly access the built-in file manager and at the same time, keep your stock Android clean.

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