Free MP3 Cutter: Slicing MP3 files is a piece of cake

Free MP3 Cutter is a free and very simple application, which does exactly what its name says. Anyone looking to cut unwanted parts from an MP3 audio file or simply split it into multiple pieces without needing advanced audio editing functions will appreciate this straightforward program.

Installation & Requirements

Free MP3 Cutter has a very fast install process with only two setup dialog windows and no adware or third-party applications included.

This tiny program has very modest system requirements. A 750 MHz or higher Intel or AMD processor is needed for Free MP3 Cutter to run and many Windows versions are supported as follows: 98/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista or Windows 7.


Free MP3 Cutter’s UI completely lacks style, but that’s not the purpose of the program. The layout is straightforward: Simply use the related button to load any MP3 file, drag the cursors to define the start and end points of the file and press “Cut”. The highlighted yellow portion of the song will become the resulting file, available in the output directory you’ve selected.

Other than accessing Help documentation and exiting the application, not many other options are available. However, Free MP3 Cutter does have a few skins to choose from (a few mild variations of buttons size & placement and backgrounds colored in similar shades of grey) and a menu item at the top offers a few URL shortcuts for downloading other free applications.

Since Free MP3 Cutter cuts MP3 files without re-encoding, the job gets done very fast. No advanced editing is available and the program doesn’t perform any adjustments on the output file. The application was intended for those who simply want to slice an MP3 file, without getting caught in a jungle of complicated settings.


– Fast installation.
– Allows users to cut any MP3 file with only a few mouse clicks.
– The program doesn’t use re-encoding so the cutting process is very quick.
– Help documentation provides step-by-step tutorial for cutting an MP3 file.
– Supports 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates.


– When performing more than one cut operation on the same MP3 file, the application replaces the previous output file, instead of adding a new, renamed one. This can be solved by simply renaming every output before performing the next cut operation on the same original file.


– Easy MP3 Cutter


Free MP3 Cutter is a simple, solid tool for anyone looking just to slice MP3 audio files into multiple parts, with no extras. While seasoned users might feel the need for some advanced editing options, this free application was designed for the other crowd.

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