Free Screen Recorder: Record audio and video

With Free Screen Recorder you will be able to record everything that is going on in your computer with a lot of options for both video and audio recording simultaneously.

Installation & Requirements

The installation process is very simple, offering a few basic options like desktop shortcuts while also being extremely fast due to the application’s low file size. The supported operating systems are Windows 95, 95, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and higher.


The application’s interface is extremely compact as it is simply needed for the options. You can set hotkeys for your recording needs so the interface is there if you want to customize your experience or if you simply want to have more control over the program.

Recording is done by clicking on the classic recording icon and you can stop at any time with the Stop button. The thing you will want to configure first, however, is the recording area and the audio options. If you click on the gear icon you will be taken to the General Options screen where you can change the region that the application will record in. You can adjust it to whatever size you want or use the full screen option which will cover your whole monitor and everything that goes in it. I

n the Video options you can customize the quality of the video and changing the frame rate of the recording to whatever you want it to be. The videos you record can be played back by the application, along with the audio if you have the option enabled. Keep in mind that this is not a multimedia player so you cannot simply play MP3s or video files in it, only the ones created by the program itself.

To record audio from your microphone along with the video, you will have to enable the option by clicking on the microphone and check the “Record Audio” box. Then you can configure the sound quality and the format you want to record in. To save space you can even choose a compressed format that will be of diminished quality but will take much less space in your computer. Lastly, you can change the way your cursor is presented. There are various options for this like hiding it completely or changing its appearance to a custom one created by the application or provided by you in a custom file.


-Fast installation and a small file size
-Clean interface
-Integration with hotkeys for ease of access
-Extremely simple to use


-None that would be worth mentioning except the limited options


Free Screen Recorder does what it promises. The program comes completely free with no restrictions and can efficiently record video and audio from your computer. If that is what you are looking for then you will most definitely be pleased with the program.