Free Video Cutter Joiner: Watch your videos the way you want them to be

Watching a movie or any kind of video in your computer can have some annoying side effects like commercials and trailers that you do not want to see. Free Video Cutter Joiner can cut out whatever parts of a video you do not like and can even merge multiple ones together to create your own.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s installation process is quite simple with all the usual bits and pieces. After the setup you will be asked to complete a short survey but it is completely optional. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8. You will also need to install Microsoft Visual Studio.


The application’s interface is divided into two tabs, the Video Cutter and Video Joiner and they should be pretty self-explanatory. In case you run into any problems while using the software you should just press the “How to use the software” link and you will be presented with a nice tutorial on the program.

However, you will probably find the application extremely easy to use. For video cutting, simply insert a video by browsing your computer. Then, enter the starting and ending point of what you wish to cut from the video. Keep in mind that the application is not a media player so you will have to use your own media player in order to find the spots you wish to cut precisely or scroll through the video in pictures. When you have picked those things, simply press cut and you will be provided with the automated and the manual options. The manual option simply allows you to set things like video size and video quality for the output file. The whole process is quite fast, obviously on the quality and the size of the video.

The Video Joiner is extremely easy to use as well. Simply put two or more video files, configure the settings and the file output you prefer and press the Join button. The process takes a bit longer than video cutting because it deals with larger files but it’s also easier since you don’t need to mess around with starting and ending points.


-Extremely easy to use interface for both functions of the applications so that anyone can use it without any technical knowledge
-The processes are very fast, especially if you simply want to cut out small video parts
-An abundance of settings means you can nitpick as much as you want


-None that are worth mentioning as the program works as advertised


If you watch a lot of videos and you are starting to get annoyed by the parts you simply do not want to watch anymore or if you want to merge your videos together to create your own story, then this is the solution for you. The Free Video Cutter Joiner performs exactly as expected and since it is so easy and fast to use you will see results in no time.