Free Video to MP3 Converter: Simple extractor tool

Free Video to MP3 Converter is a utility that will let you extract the audio from your video files and convert it to all of your favourite formats in a simple, free package.

Installation & Requirements

The setup completes quite fast but you need to be wary of the third party software that the installation will try to force on you. Simply choose the custom paths and uncheck the respective boxes. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


There is one main window to the application where you will add and convert your files. Adding files to the application is simple. Either drag and drop them inside it or use the application’s browser to search your computer for them. When you have added the files you can easily remove them by clicking on the Remove button or by clicking on them and pressing delete.

The default conversion mode is really quite simple. Choose the file you want to convert and press the Convert button. The application will then convert the file and place it in the default output folder which is usually C:\Users\Username\Music, at least in Windows 7. The output folder is highlighted in the “Save to” field of the main window so you cannot miss it. You can change it by typing in a new name or again by using the application’s browser. The folder icon will open the output folder in Windows Explorer.

The next thing to keep in mind is the conversion file formats. You can quickly choose the one you want by the dropdown list or go to the Preset Editor by clicking on the wand icon. There you can choose from tens of different formats, each with their own unique specifications and edit them to your heart’s content or simply have a closer look at them. If you are a more advanced user you can even create a new preset of your own, changing the sample rate, channels and bitrate of the audio file as well as giving a description of the preset. If you want to create an M3U playlist be sure to check the box in the bottom left corner of the main window before starting the conversion process.

Lastly, the Options tab will let you check the Log files as well as choose various settings regarding the application itself like speeding up the processes through NVIDIA’s video encoding technology and shutting down your computer when the conversion is done. You can even add some of the program’s commands in the Windows Explorer context menu, which means that some options will appear when you right click on your video files to convert them on the spot.


-Clean visual interface
-Extremely simple to use for users of all levels
-A variety of output audio formats
-The ability to create personalized audio formats


-Installation tries to force third party software


Free Video to MP3 Converter’s name gives away everything. The application will do exactly what it says and the good thing is that the whole process is simple yet offers enough options to satisfy everyone. Since it is completely free, you have nothing to lose by installing it.