Freecorder: Record from any website

CMD Ports

Freecorder is a free browser extension that comes bundled with a lot of utilities, including recording tools that will let you capture audio and video from pretty much any website. The free version is supported by advertisements while an ad-free but paid version is also available.

Installation & Requirements

You will need to have an active internet connection during the setup as the installer will have to download some information off the internet. You should also be wary of the third party software that it will try to install. Simply decline them when they pop up and continue the installation normally. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The supported browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.


To access the extension, you will first need to open your browser of choice. The extension installs automatically on all of the aforementioned browsers so you can open whichever you want. Depending on your security setting, you might also need to enable it manually. When everything is set up, you should see an icon in the top right corner of your browser, unless you have also opted for the toolbar. I will be using the menu version of the program though so the icon is located in that corner. Clicking on it on any page will bring up its menu, although some of its options can only be accessed in specific websites.

There is a huge variety of tools included with the extension. As the name suggests, there are a lot of different recording utilities but they are not the only ones. As far as the recording tools go, you have four different options. Capturing video from YouTube, downloading video files from any website, recording audio from a website or from your computer and recording your screen, in parts or whole. They are very easy to use but some of them require additional software to be installed. For example, the video recording tool requires WinCap in order to let Freecorder download video files. Regardless, they work surprisingly well with almost every website.

The other tools are aimed at multimedia management and editing, apart from the Torrent Downloader. Although the latter is quite the handy tool, it is not enough to replace traditional torrent clients and should not be viewed as such. You should simply use it when you want to add something to Freecorder’s library and you cannot use one of the other tools. The converter, media player and MP3 editor all work together seamlessly and provide a very good experience to the user since you will have everything you need in one place without the need of additional software. Obviously, the options that the extension provides are quite basic but should cover the needs of the average user. Finally, if you have any questions, you can click on the Help button to get all the information you need from an online help page.


-A good variety of tools
-Bundles everything in one place which is very convenient
-The utilities are very easy to use
-Can capture audio and video from almost any source


-Bloatware during the installation


If you want to have a tool that records and plays multimedia files, then Freecorder is for you. The extension provides a lot of tools and utilities that should really appease people that do not want multiple programs for these jobs.