Freegate Professional: Bypass Internet censorship while keeping your connection fast and secure

Anyone that has been using the internet for a certain amount of time will face the issue of a blocked website at some point or another. Countries block access to specific websites and specific websites block access from certain countries due to international laws. The Freegate Professional developers want everyone to be able to enjoy an Internet free of censorship which is the reason why this application was created.

Installation & Requirements

Installation for this program is virtually non-existent. You only have to download the executable application file and run it. That way it is both installed and ready to run in your system without you doing anything else. The program supports Windows version from XP to 7 without any additional requirements.


The first time you run the program you will be taken to the “Freegate Proxy Control” screen. There you can choose the list of websites that will be added to the proxy as well as add and remove exceptions however you wish. It is very easy to understand and you can also choose to skip that window the next time the application runs as you can edit these options in the settings screen of the application window.

Clicking ok takes you to the main program screen where it will automatically search for the nearest server in order to provide users with the fastest and most secure browsing connection possible. If you are unhappy with the speed of the security of the server you can always change it with the click of a button. The default application browser is Internet Explorer but you can change that in the settings tab. Moreover, the server tab lets you change the proxy settings or search for additional servers if you are not happy with the ones it found on the first time.

The status screen will inform you on the current proxy, the status of the program itself and how to set a proxy if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer. It also provides some links for the company and the ability to turn the application’s features off with a simple button.

The tunnel tab is reserved for more advanced users as it lets them choose the way the program gets through the censored tunnels as well as providing them with the option to choose one of two modes. The first one, which is also the default one, is the Proxy mode based on Internet Explorer integration. The second one is Classic mode without a proxy. Finally, the settings tab provides users with a myriad of options so that they can customize the application in whatever way the please regarding the way they browse the internet and how the application runs on Windows.


-One of the fastest installations possible
-Clean but very detailed interface that provides an abundance of features in one package
-Loads of servers to choose from ensure that users will browse the internet as fast as they did before
-No censorship whatsoever as the application works perfectly


-The amount of features might scare some inexperienced users at first glance
-More browser integrations would be a welcome feature


The application works as expected. If you are looking to access websites that would otherwise be unavailable to your country, this is how you do it. My browsing speed was not affected at all and I could access whatever website I wanted without any restrictions. Definitely recommended for people that want to browse restricted websites frequently but do not want to sacrifice speed and convenience.