Fresh Diagnose: A lightweight system diagnostic tool

Fresh Diagnose is a system diagnostic software and benchmark program that can help you find out information about your system’s hardware, software, drivers, operating system and much more. It manages to provide most of the information expected from this type of¬†diagnose¬†program, but it falls short in some of the key aspects.

Main Screen

Installation & Requirements

At first sight, Fresh Diagnose is a regular freeware program that doesn’t nag you about installing additional software or search bars. However, after a few moments of browsing through the software’s features you notice that you are required to register your product in order to gain access to some of the key elements, like the benchmark.

Although being forced to register your free product in order to get full access might be frustrating enough, there’s another bigger downside regarding this process. Apparently the registration process is very picky when it comes to the ISP and some ISPs are simply rejected based on who knows what reason. What this means is, if your registration is rejected you will not be able to access the full content of Fresh Diagnose. This is one of the biggest problems with this program and it’s an anomaly that should simply not exist.

As for system requirements, Fresh Diagnose is only supported by Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/NT/7.


The user interface is not very stylish, but as Fresh Diagnose is a utility, this is a minor issue. Even if the design is rather basic, it still is user friendly as you will not have any trouble finding all the functions you need. There are two ways to access the features, one from the top menu under the form of large icons and the other one from the sidebar menu as a list with dropdown sub-menus for each category.

Although it possesses the looks of Windows 98, overall you are able to find whatever information you need without much trouble. Another plus is that Fresh Diagnose comes with a fair number of languages pre-installed, a bonus for non-english users.


– Easy to use.
– Fresh Diagnose can provide tons of information regarding your system.
– It’s freeware.


– Absurd registration process.
– Key features are missing without registration.
– Might have trouble detecting certain hardware.
– Sometimes there is more useless than valuable information, like the lack of GPU frequencies.

Fresh Diagnose Alternatives

In case you have encountered the “rejected registration” problem or you simply don’t like what Fresh Diagnose has to offer, there are some alternatives out there that might be able to catch your interest.

One of these alternatives is AIDA64 (Everest), a very popular software that offers tons of benchmarks and information regarding your system, starting from the moment when it was first turned on. It delivers a better looking user interface than Fresh Diagnose and it also benefits from better support. However, the downside of Everest is that you will have to pay for a license after a 30 day period in order to be able to use it further.

A free alternative to Fresh Diagnose is SIW, a program that can deliver an amazing array of information regarding both your hardware and software. It’s free, easy to use, it delivers a cleaner interface than Fresh Diagnose, it doesn’t have a weird registration process and it’s also updated more often.


Although Fresh Diagnose is a reliable piece of software, it comes with some flaws that could make it unappealing for a fair share of users. In spite of that, it does hold comprehensive tools for system diagnose and it’s free so we conclude that Fresh Diagnose supplies most if not all system information in a simple and friendly manner.