FrontCam: Screencasting made simple

FrontCam is an easy-to-use utility that allows users to capture their screens with both video and image capabilities. The utility comes with a trial that has a nag screen and places a watermark on the output files.

Installation & Requirements

The setup, along with the rest of the application, has been designed to work on as many computers as possible so do not expect a lot of options besides the obvious ones like picking an installation path. The program is compatible with every version of Windows starting from Windows 98 with no additional requirements.


Owing to the fact that the program is compatible even with very old versions of Windows, the interface is a bit limited. The application wants to do a few things and do them well and this is becomes apparent rather quickly. In fact, the interface is reminiscent of semi-similar offerings of screencasting utilities although they usually offer a few more things to play around with.

Although the interface is a bit outdated indeed, the capturing tools themselves are more than fine. There are quite a few options on offer, depending on the kind of video or image you want to capture. For example, you might want to record an instructional video that will show your cursor and its movements. On the other hand, you might want to capture a game or something else where showing the cursor would be detrimental to the viewing pleasure of the audience.

Setting options like the region you want to capture is very easy and can be done through the application’s menus right at the top. The shortcuts are also pretty cool as they are fully customizable and allow you to take control of the program anywhere in your system. All of the various configuration settings are also explained in the extensive help guide that can be used to solve any and all problems that might arise as you use the application.

Options for both video and image capturing are those for there that want them but do not expect comprehensive and detailed customization settings here. The program lies somewhere in the middle of the complexity scale in regards to the options so there is enough stuff here to keep the more advanced users busy for some time while amateur capturing users will not find the options to be too difficult to comprehend. All in all, leaving everything at their default settings should work just fine for the vast majority of users.


-Simple but very effective capturing tools
-Enough options to keep you busy for a while
-System-wide shortcuts available


-Outdated in various departments
-Too limited
-Not enough features over free alternatives


FrontCam is great for simple video and image capturing, especially if you are running an older version of Windows. Just keep in mind that you will be getting a quite basic tool that is not exactly innovative in any department and just wants to do its job fine.