FrostWire: The coolest looking P2P utility

In case you are familiar to the concept of p2p file transfer then FrostWire might not need an introduction for you. Nevertheless we are all about welcoming newcomers to experiment new software, so it’s for the best to give a brief explanation on what this particular program can offer.

FrostWire is a piece of software designed for the sole purpose of handling peer-to-peer file transfers. In other words, this program enables the users to join already established networks so that they can transfer files between them freely.
As a history lesson, FrostWire is a direct descendent of LimeWire, which means we should be able to experience a pretty solid program. On short, FrostWire offers faster download speeds than before, built-in chatrooms, iTunes compatibility, smartphone/tablet support and tons of skins to choose from.

FrostWire Main

Installation & Requirements

First of all we should point out the fact that FrostWire is a freeware (open Source) program created by dozens of developers from around the world. When it comes to the installation process, FrostWire presents a mixed bag of good features as well as unnecessary ones. The first impression is not too pleasant for the simple reason that the Ask toolbar is present within the installation, but then again, you might be able to easily overlook this flaw once the setup wizard will pop-up, offering a fresh look and a handful of options to tweak before you fire up the program for the first time.

The good news keep getting better when we take a glance at the wide range of supported platforms, FrostWire offering compatibility with Windows (2000/NT/XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux and Android (2.1 Eclair or higher) altogether.


Undeniably, one of the most obvious highpoints of FrostWire is its user interface. To begin with, it offers a high degree of accessibility not only to those who are familiar with the concept of peer-to-peer file transfer programs, but newcomers as well. In a nutshell, the FrostWire user interface is clean, easy to comprehend and highly customizable. There are literally dozens of built-in skins as well as language packs to choose from. The interface enables the user to have almost any feature under his thumb, whether if it’s the search engine, the built-in media player or the Community Chat.

Bear in mind however, that although the user interface is friendly and finding files is as easy as it can be, being a p2p program FrostWire will open the door for some less friendly users, which might try to share viruses or other nonsense so, as neat as the FrostWire interface might look, be on your guard and use it responsibly. It’s your duty as a user to make sure that your computer is guarded by anti-malware programs and that you don’t share copyrighted material. FrostWire is simply a tool which gives a lot of possibilities to its users, but as with any tool, the users are responsible for most of their actions and the way they use it. Bottom line is that, for your own sake you should take the complaints from other users regarding FrostWire with a grain of salt, as many of these problems experienced by some users are a result of their own actions.


– Clean, friendly and highly customizable user interface
– Freeware
– Powerful, highly portable and low on resources
– Great set of features


– The installation process contains adware


Peer-to-Peer transfer is a very common phenomenon on the internet so it should be obvious that there are an abundance of programs which are willing to offer this.

One of these programs which manages to stand out more, amongst the many, is eMule, a piece of software which in terms of functionality and license is quite similar to FrostWire but then again eMule differentiates itself by quite a lot when it comes to the user interface and the platform support. Unfortunately, eMule presents a not so appealing interface as FrostWire and it has nothing more to show off than a classic Windows XP look. As for platform support, eMule is available exclusively on Windows OS.

uTorrent is yet another FrostWire alternative, despite the fact that it comes in the form of a BitTorrent client. uTorrent offers a clean and easy to utilize interface underneath which can be found a very strong and reliable core. uTorrent is a p2p program and a BitTorrent client, trait which will definitely please both the average and power users alike.


After having the opportunity to experience FrostWire we can draw the conclusion that the program offers a very cool and friendly look, a strong core and a step-up from the previous versions and LimeWire itself. Bottom line is that if you’re on the lookout for a p2p file transfer program which can offer more than just a simple mean of sharing your files, give FrostWire a try as it’s probably one of your best bets.