GameFans – News for Gamers Can Be Better Than RSS

If gaming is your daily routine, and staying in the know of the industry is your passion, or part of the job, you might want to check out this new app released by Neverstill Mobile. GameFans – News for Gamers is what its title says – a news app that brings the latest and most popular gaming news to your handsets.

icon gamefansGameFans – News for Gamers

Developer: Neverstill Mobile
News & Magazines
Download from Google Play, use browser version

Now, the app is still in Beta, so don’t rush to conclusions. Let’s see its strong points first. GameFans – News for Gamers has a team of editors who handpick the articles on a daily basis. The app includes the following topics – Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, VR, PC and mobile.

If you sign in with one of your accounts, you can also upvote the articles you find relevant to your likes. The likes also show you what’s trending in the industry.

GameFans – News for Gamers suggests you ditch the RSS, but I don’t see it happening in the nearest future. There is no way to filter the feed, if for example, all I want to see is the mobile gaming related content. So, you will have to deal with a lot of weeding through the all-gaming clutter to get to the things you need. The website, or should I say the browser version of the app, has the categories, though. So, we may expect this feature is coming to the mobile app as well.

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One other thing that’s valuable about GameFans – News for Gamers is that the titles on the list are pretty informative, so you get a general idea of what’s inside.

Yet, the reading experience is not quite streamlined because to get to the full article you will have to tap the title first. This opens the summary, which is short. To read the full article, you need to tap the Source, and the in-app browser takes you there. So, in the end you consume all the ads and bloat of the source website you never needed. But then again, the curated feed looks fabulous from a gamer’s perspective.

The interface is clean and simplistic, yet functional and intuitive. I love the simplicity, especially the absence of the material design acid colors. GameFans – News for Gamers looks exactly how a news feed should look – with the focus on titles and captions of the featured images, just enough to see if there is anything that interests you.

There is a brief tutorial that guides you through the simple navigation gestures. The main screen shows what’s trending, and there are Recent and Liked tabs, for fast access to your preferred content. I might be doing something wrong, but I am seeing no Recent articles in that tab, perhaps it’s just the shape of the new features to come. Some titles don’t have the source link, so won’t open the full article. It’s Beta, after all. On the bright side, you can post comments, and the most mainstream and popular news sources are represented.

Since it’s in Beta, we would not rush to add ratings, but the idea of human-curated news feed specifically for the gaming industry is quite timely. The editors make sure you don’t have duplicates in your feed, which is a common problem with RSS readers. Informative titles and concise summaries add value to the fast browsing the news feed. There are obviously more refined features in the works, so GameFans is an easy recommendation for any interested reader. It’s simple, clean and does specifically one thing, but the touch of the human filtering really shows at the time of reading. A few tweaks here and there, and it will be a go-to news feed app for gamers when it exits Beta.