Gentle Alarm Clock for Windows Phone makes your wakeups more pleasant

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    I don’t think there’s a living soul out there that enjoys waking up every morning to the sound of a harsh alarm. Ever since I got past the age when mom was waking me up with a soft voice and a gentle pat on the back, I always tried to find the most soothing and soft ringtones to set as alarm sounds on my phone to start my day in the less stressful way possible.

    Gentle Alarm Clock is a Windows Phone app that can give you an incredibly gentle wakeup. It comes with a collection of soft alarm sounds and some brilliant features that turn the basic notion of wakeup alarm into something entirely different.

    Gentle Alarm Clock - Pre-alarm


    If you’re wondering what on Earth might this be, the name actually says it all. It’s the alarm….before the alarm. If you’re having trouble waking up suddenly and feel the need to lie in bed for a while until your brain actually starts working and your eyes adjust to the surrounding light you’re going to love this feature.

    Gentle Alarm Clock - Pre-alarm sounds

    The app lets you choose one of the built-in sounds and set it as a pre-alarm. You can adjust its volume as low as you’ll barely be able to hear it. The volume level slowly increases so you can return from the dream world at the same pace. There’s also a handy option that lets you shake the phone to turn off the pre-alarm.

    Gentle Alarm Clock - Pre-alarm settings

    Because the ultimate goal of an alarm is to wake you up – no matter what, the main alarm will sound louder so you can ultimately stand up on both of your feet and start your day.

    Gentle Alarm Clock - Sleep need

    Sleep need, Nightlight and other useful features

    If you’ve been wondering how long should your night sleep last, the app comes with the ‘Sleep need’ feature that shows you age-based sleeping recommendations.

    Gentle Alarm Clock - Nightlight options

    ‘Nightlight’ is great for kids who are still afraid of the dark (but lets not rule out grownups). It basically keeps the screen lit for how long you want so you won’t have to fall asleep in a dark room.

    Have you ever woken up during the night, wanted to know the time but changed your mind because you’d have to face a bright phone screen to find out? I know I did, plenty of times. ‘Hear time’ is a feature that lets you hear the current time when you tap the screen. There’s just a small problem with this feature – if someone else is sleeping in the same room as you are, it would be a good idea not to use it, unless you know they’re a heavy sleeper.

    The ‘Night view’ feature displays a visual graph that shows how much sleep time you have left until the alarm goes off and the app also comes with a built-in flashlight that uses your phone’s LED flash.


    Gentle Alarm Clock is a really great way to start your day as relaxed as possible – your job might be stressful, some of your family members and friends as well, but at least your alarm clock doesn’t have to be. The app is now featured as ‘App of The Day’ and free for a limited time through myAppFree so get it while you still can from the website or Windows Phone app. Just in case you miss the offer, here’s the official download link for Gentle Alarm Clock:

    Gentle Alarm Clock for Windows PhoneDownload

    What’s your favorite feature of Gentle Alarm Clock? We’d love to hear your thoughts!