Genuine Registry Doctor: Optimize your registry

The truth about every PC is that it gets slower over time for a lot of reasons, including registry issues. Genuine Registry Doctor aims to fix your registry and help your PC run in an optimum speed without any problems that a damaged registry can create.

Installation & Requirements

The installation should complete very fast due to the small file size and you will get shortcut and start menu options during the setup. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The application takes its name quite seriously with the registry-fixing utility named Cure. The interface’s design is very neat with hues of green and black blending well with the background. You can seamlessly navigate between the different tabs and configuring the program is very easy.

The first time you run the program it will automatically scan your computer for Registry errors and prompt you to fix them. You can skip the whole process if you want although it is recommended to perform the scanning and fixing the first time you run the application. You can even simply run the scanning and leave the curing for later so that you can see what errors the application can detect and how many errors your Registry has. However, the free version of the program only lets you cure up to five Registry errors and is more of a trial version.

The Home tab will show you some information about the program as well as some basic settings like enabling automatic scans and sweeps. However, most of those options are still limited to the professional version of the application that requires you to buy a license. Furthermore, you can see statistics and operating logs and the latest announcements from the company in the Latest News Tab.

The utilities are a mix of different tools, some native to Windows and some offered by the program. The ones offered by Windows are there simply for added convenience. Most of the tools are designed to optimize the performance of your computer in different ways so you might want to give them a look. The File Pulverizer utility is especially interesting as it will offer you the ability to completely eliminate files and folders from your PC that conventional file recovery tools will not be able to retrieve. Only use  this if you are certain you do not want to get your files back.


-Fast installation and a small file size
-Clean, neatly designed interface
-Very easy to use
-Extra tools for convenience


-Severe free version limitations


Genuine Registry Doctor is one of the most thorough and fast registry cleaning applications out there. However, you can only get the most out of the program if you pay for it, otherwise you will only use it as a trial version to understand what it is capable of.