How To: Get the Android Marshmallow (6.0) boot animation on your Android device

Owners of supported Nexus devices have the option of installing the latest preview version of Android Marshmallow and enjoy all of its goodness before the official release. The rest of us (myself included) can either chew our nails anxiously while we’re waiting for the Android M update for our devices or get whatever bits and pieces of the upcoming OS are already available.

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If you have a rooted Android device you’re in luck. The cool boot animation featured in Marshmallow can be easily installed by anyone. It was pulled from the developer preview ROM of Android 6.0 and is now available as an .apk.

Important note: You can install it on your device as long as you have an AOSP ROM such as CyanogenMod and ParanoidAndroid, or another custom ROM that comes with support for the CM Theme Engine.

The first thing you need to do is download the new boot animation file, available here (direct download link).

Go to the Download folder in your phone’s storage using any root-enabled file browser and copy the file you just downloaded –

1 - Copy file


Navigate to the root partition of your phone and open the system folder, and from there, the media folder. Mount the media folder as read/write – this will allow you to make changes to the files in it.

2 - Mount the media folder as read write

Rename the existing file to (simply add the .bak extension at the end of the file).

3 - Rename to

Paste (the option may be called ‘Copy here’) the newly downloaded file you copied earlier to your Clipboard, long-press its file icon and select “Permissions”.

4 - Paste the new file and open Permissions

Owner permissions must be set to Read Write, so make sure the appropriate boxes are checked. Hit the OK button to apply them and you’re done!

5 - Set owner permissions to Read Write

To see the new boot animation live, you’ll have to restart the device and from now on the new Android Marshmallow boot animation will show up every time you boot your phone or tablet.

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