How To: Get back hibernate mode in Windows 10

Sleep and Hibernate modes are two alternative solutions to shutting down your PC, which have been available in Windows for a very long time. Sleep is, in fact, a standby mode, in which your computer enters a low-power state.  It can come in handy when you know you’ll be away from your PC  for a short while as you can wake up the machine in just a few seconds after you press the power button or open the lid if it’s a notebook.

Hibernate is very different from Sleep as it saves the current system state to the hard drive and practically shuts down the computer. It will restore the exact state your PC was before you used the Hibernate option, although it will take longer compared to using Sleep. This option can be used instead of the classic shutdown action or when you know you’ll leave your computer unattended for a long time but you want to find all of your apps, files, folders and other stuff you opened, untouched.

Hibernate is also superior to Sleep regarding power consumption, as your PC will be literally shut down even if you use Hibernate. Windows 10 still has the Hibernate mode, but it’s not visible in the Start Menu power options by default. Nevertheless, you can easily restore it, so here’s how you can get it back:

Windows 10 Control Panel - Power Options

Open the Control Panel and navigate to the Power Options page. There are many methods to get there, but the quickest one is to simply type ‘power options’ in Windows Search. To continue, select the ‘Choose what the power buttons do‘ option.

Windows 10 Power Options - System settings

On the next screen, find the ‘Hibernate‘ setting in the ‘Shutdown settings‘ area, select the checkmark next to it and click on ‘Save changes‘. From then on you will have the Hibernate function available in the Start Menu power options.

Note: If all the options in the ‘Shutdown settings’ section are greyed out look for the option called ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable‘ and click on it. Then you should be able to modify any option found in the ‘Shutdown settings’ area.

What’s more, in the same panel you can customize the default functions for the power button, sleep button and closing the lid, and obviously assign Hibernate to any of them.

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