[Guide] Get Double Tap To Lock on any Android

The double tap to lock feature Android offers makes it super easy to lock your device without having to press any physical button. While Android includes this feature, some device manufacturers have decided to remove it. Nevertheless, there is a simple way to get Double Tap To Lock on any Android.

If your Android device doesn’t have Double Tap To Lock, you can get it through a friendly app called EasyLock.

How to get Double Tap To Lock on any Android

EasyLock is free, doesn’t require root privileges and works on any phone running Android 4.0 or higher.

However, it’s an open source app that’s not available on the Play Store. This means you will need to download and install its APK file, but no need to worry if you’ve never done something like this before – we’ll take you through it.

Before you download EasyLock’s APK from the XDA Developers thread linked below, make sure you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your smartphone’s Settings (under Security or Lock screen and Security sections). That option is what makes it possible to download and install APK files so you need it enabled.

Download EasyLock (APK)

get Double Tap To Lock on any Android

Tap on the download complete notification to install EasyLock. Open the app and grant it the necessary permissions.

With that taken care of, you can go back to the app and adjust some settings. Even though you’ve already given it the permission it needs to work, it’s disabled by default.

get the Double Tap To Lock feature on any Android device

Download EasyLock to your PC and then copy it your device’s storage. Use the file browsing app to navigate to the APK file and tap to install it. The app will appear in your app drawer but not on the home screen. Run EasyLock and grant it the permission it needs to add double tap to lock.

Now you can go back to the app’s main screen since you will need to adjust some settings. Even though you’ve granted the required permission, it’s not enabled by default. Flip the switch inside EasyLock to enable it.

Then, you can further customize the behavior of Double Tap To Lock. The default settings make it so the double tap is registered only when it’s performed on the navigation or the Status bar.

However, you can enable the option called ‘Double tap anywhere to lock’ if you want the gesture to work on any area of the display.

If you already have double tap configured for another action, the app might not function properly. Also, you can set EasyLock to automatically run when you turn your smartphone on.

In that case, the app will keep running in the background and you can enable a status bar notification so you can easily quit it when needed.

To uninstall EasyLock you must first revoke the permissions, turn off its service and only then uninstall it.

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