Get your favorite tools back in Windows 10 with ‘Misssed Features Installer’


Every Windows release might be fundamentally different from the previous one but there are always varying opinions on the changes introduced with each new version. Some people like the changes while others vehemently refuse to upgrade because their favorite tools and utilities are scrapped or are much too different for their tastes. Windows 10 is no different in this regard but customizing the operating system is not difficult, provided you have the right tool for the job.

The Missed Features Installer (MFI) has returned with a version dedicated to Windows 10 so that everyone can get their favorite features back with ease. MFI is provided as an ISO file which contains a huge assortment of tools so everyone can benefit from it. After downloading the 1.3GB ISO file, double-click on it and launch the “MFI10.exe” file. Windows 10 supports ISO files natively so you no longer need to mount it with a third-party app.

The Missed Features Installer

After launching the application, you may need to click on the lock icon in order to disable UAC. If you have already disabled it manually, clicking on the lock icon will enable it again. This tiny little button is extremely useful because pretty much all of the features offered by MFI will require confirmation from UAC which can be very annoying.

MFI Page 1

Some of the items offered by MFI apply system-wide changes that can mess up your system if you are not careful. Users are advised to back up their systems and carefully consider the listed options before actually committing to a change, especially in the more advanced menus. Even though its 1.3GB size may deter some users, the selection of features is truly worth the download size.

MFI Page 2

Once you are done with that, feel free to explore MFI. The utility has three pages full of different tools and utilities and they all have different installation methods. To install Windows utilities, for example, you merely have to click on their icon on MFI. This covers things like DirectX 9.0c, the .NET Frameworks, and more. Other items will offer additional options, such as the Start Menu which lets you choose between Classic Shell and Start Menu Orbs.

MFI Page 3

Aside from all that, MFI features a few sections that contain dedicated tools, utilities, and commands that you can run individually of everything else. To see what I am talking about, head over to the third page and click on “Windows Advanced Section”, “Multimedia”, or “Desktop Personalization”. To install one of the offered items, all you need to do is select it from the list and then click on the “Execute” button at the bottom of the window.

MFI Advanced Section

The only real downside to MFI is that it does not offer an option to uninstall features. So if you choose to install the old calculator, for example, MFI will simply add its executable file to the system32 folder and then assign a shortcut to the Start Menu. In case you are not happy with the old calculator, you will need to manually remove all entries.