How To: Get global Undo, Redo and Find & Replace on Android

While touchscreen devices are definitely easy to use, it’s just as easy to accidentally touch buttons and options that could for example, make that large block of text you spent so much time writing, vanish from existence.

Android doesn’t have a global undo option but now it can. A new, free app called Inputting+ : Universal Undo Redo just hit the Play Store and although its currently in beta, it’s certainly worthy of attention.

Install Inputting+The app only offers the undo/redo option for text, but for most users, this is the most important task for which they would actually need it. Also, it comes with a handy search & replace function, which can definitely speed up the task when you want to replace multiple instances of the same word or phrase.

As long as your device is running under Android 5.0 Lollipop or a newer version you can go ahead and download Inputting+ : Universal Undo Redo on your device.

Enable Inputting+

Launch the app and you’ll be greeted with several welcome screens. The last one offers a shortcut to the Accessibility settings from where you can enable the app. By allowing it to run in the background, the app will detect when you’re typing and launch its service.

Setting up Inputting+

Once Inputting+ is enabled you can access the its settings. There, you’ll have to make sure the “Enable Inputting Bubble” is turned on – this is the small UI that offers the Undo/Redo and Search & Replace options while you’re typing.

Users can customize the bubble’s size and transparency as well as its functions. The latter can be done in the Editor Options area. Besides the above mentioned functions, there’s also Clipboard History (which is greyed out, as you might have noticed already). This feature provides a clipboard that remembers typed text even after reboot. However, you’ll need to install Clip Stack, another free app from the same developer, in order to use it.

Lastly, Inputting Timeline is the app’s premium feature. It shows all the text you typed in a timeline and you can purchase it right now for $0.99. The offer is time limited and normally, the feature is priced at $1.49. There’s also a customizable black list where you can add apps in which you don’t want the input bubble to show up.


The input bubble will be displayed anytime you start typing, with the exception of blacklisted apps and WebView apps (such as Google Chrome).  Say you write a piece of text, then delete it. You can simply tap on the bubble and hit the Undo button to get it back. Also, there’s a Redo option and a Search & Replace function. The latter allows you to input a word or a phrase and replace one or all instances found in a text.

Inputting+: Universal Undo Redo is currently in beta, although I didn’t experience any problems while using it. If you want a global undo/redo option on your Android device, this is the only way to get it, at least for now.

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