Get Google Pixel’s nav bar buttons on your Android

While Android is amazingly customizable regarding its visual aspect, the new Google Pixel phones have a few new features designed to remain exclusive to these devices. Among them is a set of solid nav bar buttons. If you like their look, we have good news: you can get Google Pixel’s nav bar buttons on your Android, no root required.

Nevertheless, keep in mind these nav bar buttons are designed to be used on devices that come with on-screen navigation buttons. The app that allows you to get Google Pixel’s nav bar buttons on your Android is called Pixbar, and you can use it if your device doesn’t have hardware or capacitive keys.

How to get Google Pixel’s nav bar buttons on your Android

For now, Pixbar is the only way to get Pixel’s nav bar buttons without requiring custom recovery or root and the app will make your on-screen buttons look very similar to Pixel’s. If you have a device with on-screen navigation buttons, keep reading to find out how to make them look like Pixel’s buttons.

To begin with, you will need to install Pixbar. You can find the app in Google Play Store (or jump to it from the link below). It’s not a free app, but it only costs $0.99 so if you’re into visual customizations, it’s a small price to pay.

Download Pixbar (Google Play Store)

With Pixbar installed, open the app and enable the ‘Show Button Fill’ option at the top of the screen. The button overlay might be too large or not aligned properly, in which case you can resize them using the Scale slider, and realign them using the Spacing slider.

Optionally, you can even change the color of the nav bar buttons – something that’s not one of Pixel’s stock features. To do this, select “Color” on Pixbar’s main screen, then choose one of the predefined colors or tap on ‘Custom’ to change it to your preferences.

From then on, you can enjoy your new Pixel-like nav bar buttons and even more – make them match your current theme or wallpaper!

Have you tried Pixbar and do you enjoy the Pixel style navigation buttons?

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