Get Google Pixel’s rounded icons on your Android device

The new Pixel phones show Google is starting to get serious when it comes to finally making their own handsets. A data dump made it possible for developers to extract some of Pixel’s exclusive software features so you can now get Google Pixel’s rounded icons on your Android.

This is purely an aesthetic feature but appealing nonetheless and you can enjoy them on your Android device, with no need to purchase the new and expensive Pixel phone.

How to get Google Pixel’s rounded icons on your Android

To begin with, download the icon pack on your Android device from the link below.

Download Google Pixel’s rounded icons (ZIP archive)

Now launch your preferred file browser and go to the download folder where you saved the file. Long press the file and select the “Extract” option.

For now, you just need to remember the extraction folder, as you will return to it later.

To continue, you will need to install a free app called Awesome Icons, assuming you don’t have it installed yet.

Download Awesome Icons (Play Store)

Launch Awesome Icons after it finishes installing and open the drop down menu at the top of the screen to ensure your default launcher is selected.

Then, tap the image icon for any compatible app. You can see all compatible apps below:

Google Drive
Google Messenger
Google Photos
Google Search
Play Books
Play Games
Play Movies & TV
Play Music
Voice Search

For now, the Pixel phone only has rounded icons for the apps listed above. It’s not a comprehensive selection, but we’ll probably see more supported apps in the future.

After you tap on the image icon for an app, tap the option under ICON and on the following pop-up choose the ‘Picture’ option. Then, select your file browser from the side navigation menu and go to the folder containing the extracted icons.


Select the corresponding rounded icon for the app you previously selected. You will now see the selection with the possibility to crop it. Just make sure the icon is centered and completely within the area. Tap on ‘Crop’ then hit the OK button.

You will need to repeat the steps above for each rounded app icon. Once you set up all of them, the Awesome Icons app will add them to your home screen. Please note you will only see rounded icons on the home screen, the old ones will be displayed in the app drawer.


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