How To: Get the iPhone 6s front-facing ‘selfie’ flash on any other iPhone

The front camera of smartphones only began to get more attention a few years back, when selfies started to become popular. Apple is usually keeping a close eye on such trends and their latest iPhone models, the 6s and 6s Plus are equipped with front facing flash.

It’s not exactly the typical flash, but more of a hack as it lights up the screen at the moment you’re taking a picture to add more lighting and improve quality of photos taken in dark or low light environments.

The good news is, you can get this functionality on an older iPhone model as well thanks to various apps that have been designed to provide it so every iPhone user can enjoy better selfies. For the purpose of this guide, we’re going to use an app called Selfshot.

To follow the step-by-step instructions you must first download and install Selfshot on your phone. You can do that by searching for the app’s name in the App Store or by visiting the link below:

Download Selfshot (iTunes)

After the app finishes installing, open it and your screen will become white and display a preview window where you can see the view of your front facing camera. Tap on the ‘Photo’ icon to take a selfie or on the ‘Video’ icon if you want to capture a video. That’s it!

The white screen will light up your face and the surroundings so the resulted selfies will be more illuminated and of higher quality.

Selfshot’s free features only allow you to take photos and videos, which is enough if you don’t want to go beyond that. Nevertheless, the app does provide a few premium capabilities like one-tap video capture, a timer and burst mode.

There are also premium filters and an upgrade to remove the adds. The free app works wonderfully but to be honest, most IAPs cost $1.99 so if you were to buy them all it would make Selfshot a $14 app. A bit expensive for a selfie app, but you can always buy strictly the upgrades you really need and plan to use. For example, you can always edit your selfies with another free app in which case you wouldn’t need to buy any frames or filters pack.

Try out Selfshot to improve your selfies and let us know if it did the job. Don’t forget to follow us on  Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to stay up to date with the latest apps, games, guides and everything Android, iOS and Windows Phone.