[Tip] Here’s how you can get iPhone battery status on Apple Watch

While in general, iOS and watchOS have pretty much all the functionality wee need, there are a few basic features Apple manages to ignore. For example, you can easily see your Apple Watch remaining battery on your iPhone. Just access the ‘Batteries’ widget in the Notification Center.

Nevertheless, you can do it the other way around. There is no stock option that lets you view the iPhone battery status on Apple Watch, although it would certainly make sense. As usual, we can rely on developers to bring us any kind of functionality that’s missing.

Get iPhone battery status on Apple Watch with Power 2 app

Power 2 is a simple app that allows you to see the iPhone battery status on Apple Watch. It works in a convenient manner as well – just raise your wrist whenever you want to check your iPhone’s current battery level.

get iPhone battery status on Apple Watch

Furthermore, the app’s face complication shows if your iPhone’s battery is currently in low power mode, charging, or fully charged.

Another useful feature of Power 2 is the app notifies you when your iPhone has a low battery or it’s fully charged. You can even set it to send you a notification regarding the iPhone’s current battery status every 30 minutes.

Power 2 provides some very useful options, especially if your iPhone is in another room or charging somewhere out of reach. What’s more, the app provides a feature called Time Travel that provides an estimate of remaining time until your iPhone runs out of battery and turns off.

The Power 2 app costs $0.99 and you can download it for your Apple Watch and iPhone from the link below.

Download Power 2 (iTunes)

If you tried it, share your experience with Power 2 in the comments section.

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