How to: Get Multi-Window Multitasking on your Android Device

    Although Android does not provide their users with multi-window multitasking, you could still get it with the help of a third-party tweak. Do not worry, you will not need to install a custom ROM, a root access will be enough.

    Note that some Samsung devices support multi-window multitasking, but this could happen only in certain apps. However, in this tutorial we will show you how to use such a feature in every app of your device.

    Install Xposed Framework 

    We are going to use an Xposed Framework module, which requires root access, so you could install it and then use a platform, offered for many tweak installations. In the past you needed to flash a custom ROM, in order to install those tweaks. Now you could just install the Xposed Framework, download a module from the app and reboot. In case you do not want a tweak, you could simply disable it and reboot for one more time.

    • Now let’s assume that your Android is already rooted, download the Xposed Installer. Be aware that you should sideload it, because the app isn’t available in Google Play.
    • Once you install the app, tap the Install/Update button, so that you install the Xposed Framework.

    Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

    Install XMultiWindow

    • XMultiWindow is necessary for the process. Firstly, you need to install the Xposed Framework from the Xposed Installer app.
    • Go to the Xposed Installer app and tap the Download button. After this, search for the XMultiWindow module.
    • Download the module from the app and activate it. Finally, reboot your Android device.

    Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

    Select your Applications

    • Launch the XMultiWindow app and tap Sidebar Settings. Next, add the desired apps that you want to multitask by tapping the appropriate button. The added apps will be shown in the sidebar, so you can open them in split-screen mode.

    Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

    Open Split-screen Apps from the Sidebar

    • Tap the Open Sidebar option in the XMultiWindow app and swipe in from the left side of the screen. Then, the sidebar will appear on the left side. It works as a floating app.

    Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

    •  If you want to open an app from the sidebar in split-screen mode, press and hold the app’s shortcut icon and tap Add to up Workspace or Add to down Workspace. In case your screen is oriented horizontally, you should either tap the Add to left Workspace option, or the Add to right Workspace. 

    NOTE: In order to get rid of the sidebar, when you have launched an app, just swipe down from the top of the screen. This will open the notification shade, in which tap the Sidebar running notification. 

    Screenshot - 28_8_2014 , 12_33_03 μμ

    Note that you can swipe in from the left to open the sidebar, whenever you want. As a result, you can launch another app. You should not consider this multitasking solution as perfect, because it’s not inergrated in the operating system. Microsoft support Windows 8 tablet owners with the Snap multitasking feature and Apple will eventually add a split-screen multitasking feature in the next iOS version. Therefore, we hope that Google will offer its Android users such a feature in the future. Until then, stay tuned!