How To: Install the Nextbit Robin Launcher on any Android

Earlier this month, two of Nextbit Robin’s stock apps have been ported and made available for other Android devices, specifically the Camera and Gallery apps. Now, it’s also possible to install the Nextbit Robin Launcher on any Android, as this app has been ported too.

This launcher is very resource-friendly, runs fast and has an interesting widget system that’s at least worth a try. On top of that, you can easily install it in just a few steps, which I’ll detail below.

Install the Nextbit Robin Launcher on any Android

Before you proceed, you should know your smartphone needs to run Android 5.0 or a newer version, plus you also need to have ‘Unknown Sources’ enabled (you can find the option under Settings – > Security, or Lock Screen and Security) in order to sideload the ported app.

You can download the APK file from the link below. When you receive the ‘Download complete’ notification, tap on it, then select the Install option.

Download Nextbit Robin Launcher (APK)

install the Nextbit Robin Launcher

When the installation is complete, tap on your phone’s home button, and on the following screen you can change your existing home screen app. Select Nextbit Launcher then tap on Always.

Take Nextbit Launcher for a spin

The Nextbit Launcher has some unique traits. Firstly, all your installed apps can be accessed from the home screen, just like on iOS devices. Also, the app drawer is not present and a folder’s content is shown on a white, semi-transparent overlay.

I mentioned there’s no app drawer and that’s true. But Nextbit Launcher does provide an alternative. There’s this floating blue circular icon that’s displayed on the right edge of the screen at all times. If you tap on it, it opens a menu, and you can see all your apps as a list by tapping the related option.

The launcher comes with another interesting feature. A widget view can be accessed if you pinch inward with two fingers on the home screen, and when the screen becomes white just long-press on a blank area. Then, you can quickly choose a widget and drop it on your home screen.

You can populate this widget view with your favorite widgets and access it as needed using the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

If you decide to install the Nextbit Robin Launcher and enjoy using it, you should also know the ported app has a developer thread on XDA, and any updates and new versions will be published there.

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