Get rid of iCloud Calendar invite spam on iPhone and iPad

We’re all pretty used to email spam, but lately, these undesirable messages are reaching a large number of users via iCloud Calendar invites. Luckily, there’s a way (actually several ways) to get rid of iCloud Calendar invite spam.

The spammy invites arrive via Apple’s iCloud and they’re particularly annoying since the package deal also includes a notification. The invite content varies, but typically advertises supposedly great deals for products from well-known brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban.

How to get rid of iCloud Calendar invite spam on iPhone and iPad

The obvious solution would be to tap the invite, in which case you can respond with Accept, Decline or Maybe. But regardless what you choose, your choice is sent back to the inviter. Them finding out you actually interacted with their invite would likely lead to more spam, which is not a solution for the long term.

A more efficient solution to get rid of iCloud Calendar spam invites is to redirect the Calendar spam from Notifications to your email, which may not be perfect but it does stop those spam notifications from popping up on your screen.

On your computer, visit and login.

Get rid of iCloud Calendar invite spam on iPhone and iPad

To continue, click on the Calendar web app, then on the gear icon located in the lower-left side of the screen, and select “Preferences…”.

Next, click on the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to “Invitations”. Here, select your email for receiving Calendar event notifications instead of the in-app notifications.

With this option selected, you will receive all invitations only to your email, which is not perfect but far less annoying than receiving spammy notifications from the Calendar. It also makes it much easier to dismiss spam.

There’s also another way to get rid of iCloud Calendar invite spam without notifying the sender, and at the same time continue to receive Calendar invitations as in-app notifications.

The way this works is simple. Create a ‘Spam’ iCloud calendar (you can also use another appropriate name). Drag and drop the spammy event invite to the ‘Spam’ calendar, then delete the ‘Spam’ iCloud calendar. You’ll be prompted to confirm your action so select ‘Delete.

Also, Delete confirmation will be required from you. Select Delete and Do Not Notify.

This will delete the calendar and the invite and will not notify the sender. However, you will need to perform this trick for each spammy iCloud invite you’ll receive.

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