Get rounded corners on your Android’s screen

While there are endless ways to customize your Android’s display, a new trend has started to set. More and more manufacturer UIs are getting rounded corners – Xiaomi alreasy has them’s and LG and Samsung will follow shortly. But you don’t need to use a certain brand of smartphones to get rounded corners on your Android’s screen.

A new app called Cornerfly, makes this visual customization possible for all devices running Android 4.0 and higher.

How to get rounded corners on your Android’s display

Cornerfly is free and doesn’t have any special requirements other than your device running one of the supported Android versions. In order to get rounded corners on your Android’s display, start by installing the app from the link below:

Download Cornerfly for free (Google Play Store)

Once the app finishes installing, open it and it will prompt you to grant a few permissions. Enable the ‘System overlay’ option, then the ‘Accessibility service’. On the next screen, tap on Cornerfly then toggle on the switch at the top of the screen. Press “OK” on the popup dialog.

The app’s default behavior enables it to round just the corners at the bottom of the currently displayed app, leaving the navigation bar corners square. While this works well for apps using a black nav bar, it doesn’t look as nice for the apps that color match it.

You can easily set Cornerfly round the corners of the navigation bar instead. Just go to “Application” in the app’s main menu, and go through all the apps that have a color-matched navigation bar. Enable the option called “Overlay Navigationbar” for each of these apps and you’re good to go.

After you finish customizing Cornerfly’s settings you can enjoy rounded corners in all of your installed apps for a more polished look.

Have you tried Cornerfly and do you prefer rounded corners over the default square look?

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