Get an on-screen Home button on your iPhone with Domum tweak

The iPhone 7 has replaced the mechanical home button with one based on a taptic engine. An interesting discovery shows the handset detects when the Home button is broken and offers an on-screen button as a replacement (at least until you take to a repair shop).

Nevertheless, you can get an on-screen Home button on your iPhone even if you don’t own one of the latest 7 or 7 Plus models, as long as your device is jailbroken.

A new tweak called Domum gives this option to those who own older iPhones, and it’s certainly useful because while Apple’s handsets are sturdy, they’re not unbreakable. So, if your Home button malfunctions or becomes completely unusable you can use this tweak to get an on-screen Home button on your iPhone.

get an on-screen Home button on your iPhone

Domum shows an on-screen icon which you can use as a Home button replacement just like the iPhone 7’s native one. Unlike the iPhone 7, you can use Domum’s on-screen button at any time, not just when the physical Home button doesn’t work.

The tweak is free and works very well but it’s still very new so it comes with limited features. For now, you can either use or not use that on-screen Home button – you can’t disable it on specific screens or apps. But it still does the job if the physical Home button doesn’t work anymore.

As I already said Domum is free. If you want to download it, launch the Cydia app and add ‘’ to your Cydia sources.

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