Get spelling and grammar check in iOS


The stock iOS keyboard, as well as any word processing app comes with spelling and grammar checking capabilities. That doesn’t mean they work perfectly and no improvements can be made. In fact, it’s possible to get spelling and grammar check in iOS that’s better than the default functions.

For example, iOS isn’t that great at offering correct word predictions for misspelled words. This may improve over time, but until then, we have a better solution known as Grammarly keyboard.

Grammarly is a very popular writing tool and comes with support for popular platforms including Windows 10 and macOS. Recently, they released Grammarly Keyboard for iOS, so we can benefit from their smart spelling and grammar check on our iPhones and iPads as well.

How to get spelling and grammar check in iOS

Once you download and install Grammarly Keyboard, launch the Settings app and navigate to General -> Keyboard. Choose the “Add keyboard” option and select “Grammarly” to add it as a keyboard. Then, tap it again and enable “Full Access”.

Now that you’ve installed and enabled Grammarly Keyboard it’s time to put it to use. Open any app that lets you type text (we’re using the Notes app as an example). Press and hold the globe icon on the on-screen keyboard and select Grammarly from the menu that will be displayed.

get spelling and grammar check in iOS

Then, you can start typing and when you make a mistake the G in the prediction bar will display a red badge. If there are multiple mistakes it will also show you their total number. Also, you’ll receive a suggestion on how to fix each of your mistakes. You just need to tap the suggestion to replace the mistake with the correct word. Grammarly works pretty well, but for those situations where it doesn’t get things right, there’s an undo button.

It’s also worth mentioning you don’t need to review your mistakes one by one – you can also finish writing the entire text and review Grammarly’s suggestions afterward.

To replace your incorrect word with the one Grammarly suggests, simply tap the suggestion. If you change your mind later, you can tap the undo button. Grammarly can handle multiple mistakes at once i.e. you can type an entire sentence or paragraph and the keyboard will keep a list of all the mistakes in it. Once you’re done typing, you can go back and review the suggestions from Grammarly.

In fact, in most cases, it’s better to type the entire text before analyzing the suggestions as this will give Grammarly the needed context to provide accurate suggestions.

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