Get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards app offers an excellent way to earn money which you can use to buy any kind of Play Store content by taking surveys. More often than not, you might get very few surveys throughout the year but there are some things you can do to get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards.

Of course, receiving more surveys means you can earn more cash. For many users, months can pass until they get a new survey so here’s what can be done to increase the frequency at which you receive Opinion Rewards surveys and as a result, earn more Play Store credits.

How to get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards

After you install Google Opinion Rewards launch it and go through the initial setup. You need to do this if you want to receive surveys, just having the app installed is not enough. get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards Google Opinion Rewards also needs to have several permissions enabled. These are necessary for the app to know when you visit a location or a store that needs customer feedback.

Head over to Settings -> Apps (or Applications) and select ‘Google Opinion Rewards’, and on the following screen tap ‘Permissions’. Then, enable all listed permissions since these allow the app to know when you visit locations that need customer surveys. Skip this step if you don’t have a ‘Permissions’ option.

Another problem which might prevent Opinion Rewards from sending you surveys more often is the Battery Optimization feature. While it can save you plenty of battery life, this function can prevent apps from running in the background in certain conditions on devices running Android Marshmallow or higher. get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards For the sake of getting more surveys you will need to disable Battery Optimization for this specific app, which you can do by navigating to Settings -> Battery. Here, tap on the three-dot menu button and select ‘Battery Optimization’. Select ‘All Apps’ from the drop-down menu and set the Google Opinion Rewards entry to “Don’t optimize.”

Another important thing is to ensure location services are enabled. The Google Opinion Rewards app is using these to know when you visit places that pay for customer feedback.

Go to Settings -> Location and if set it to ‘On’ if it wasn’t already. Also, make sure the Mode is set to ‘High accuracy’. Sadly, this is not the only location related setting you need to check. You also have to make sure Location History is enabled. enable-google-location-history Open the Google app and select ‘Settings’ from the side navigation menu. There, select ‘Accounts & privacy’. To continue, tap on ‘Google activity controls’ and ensure that Google Location History is set to ‘On’.

With all of these settings enabled, the Opinion Rewards app can track you and know when you visit places that need customer feedback.Having these configurations optimized only ensures the app can monitor your whereabouts.

However, you need to actually get out of the house and start going places if you want to get more surveys from Google Opinion Rewards. I suppose having the above settings not properly set up, and keeping the same daily route with little variation will likely result in decreased frequency of  receiving new surveys so you actually need to go places in order to get them more often.

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