Get a web browser on your iPhone’s lockscreen (Jailbreak tweak)

With every iOS update, the number of things we can do from the lock screen increases. While iOS 10 certainly comes with plenty of new capabilities in this area, you will need a jailbroken device if you want to get a web browser on your iPhone’s lockscreen.

A new tweak called LockBrowser allows you to browse the web straight from the lockscreen. Pretty awesome, right?

You don’t need to unlock the phone in order to use the web browser on the lockscreen which is just perfect if a friend needs to borrow your iPhone for a quick online search.

LockBrowser can be accessed via a simple swipe to the left on the lockscreen. It provides all the basic web browsing controls such as the homepage, refresh, and back and forward buttons.

get a web browser on your iPhone's lockscreen

It’s not a full-featured browser like Chrome or Safari but this is not actually a bad thing since it was designed as a quick way to access the Internet. When you need more advanced capabilities you can simply unlock your phone and open up your favorite web browser app.

However, it doesn’t mean LockBrowser lacks useful features. Perhaps one of the best ones is its address bar which lets you quickly type a Google search or a website URL from the same location.

Also, the tweak comes with a light and a dark mode and you can switch between them as needed. LockBrowser is an extremely easy way to get a web browser on your iPhone’s lockscreen, and it’s available in Cydia for $0.99.

This is certainly a small amount of money for its usefulness, plus the tweak works on iOS versions from 7 to 9. It works on both iPhones and iPads, although for the latter it can only be used in landscape mode.

Do you find LockBrowser useful and have you tried the tweak? Let us know in the comments section!

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