[Guide] Get Windows 10 for free after July 29 deadline

Over the last year, Microsoft tried to push the free Windows 10 upgrade to as many users as possible, sometimes being overly-aggressive. Those who resisted the urge (or never had one, to begin with) are now contemplating the possibility of sticking to an older Windows version or buying a Windows 10 license.

Assuming you changed your mind and you’d now like to upgrade your existing Windows copy to Windows 10, it’s still possible without paying a dime. It looks like Microsoft still lets you get Windows 10 for free after July 29 deadline, despite their official claim that it’s only available by purchasing the $119 license.

How to get Windows 10 for free after July 29 deadline

That Windows 10 upgrade prompt may have disappeared from your desktop but Microsoft still wants to let us install their latest Windows version for free. The free upgrade is still available for those to use assistive technologies and rely on Windows’s accessibility functions.

Before upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft recommends you check with your assistive technology provider so that any needed hardware or software works with Windows 10. The simple truth is you don’t need to be actually using assistive technologies or have any related hardware or software to get Windows 10 for free after July 29 deadline.

get Windows 10 for free after July 29

Microsoft won’t be scanning your system or making any other verifications. You simply need to access this page and click or tap on the “UPGRADE NOW” button which means you’re also confirming that you’re using assistive technologies (let’s call this a white little lie if you aren’t).

Then, the Windows 10 update executable file will automatically download on your computer and you can just run it to start the upgrade process.

At this point, there’s no telling how long this offer will be available so grab it while you can (link below).

Upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Bonus method

A simple trick that also works is to change the system’s clock to any date prior to July 29th 2016 which will automatically bring the Windows 10 free upgrade offer¬†in the task bar.

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