Ginger Keyboard updated with Smart Bar so you can quickly access your favorite apps

The Internet is full of embarrassing auto-correct messages that would have otherwise been as benign as the writer intended them to be. Ginger Keyboard is one of those alternative keyboard apps that’s focused on improving writing accuracy and speed by using intelligent grammar check, predictive text and spell checker. The app grabbed an update today, adding the Smart Bar – a friendly and intuitive solution for quickly accessing your favorite apps.

This new feature provides a set of actions you can take before you launch an app. There’s a default collection of icons offered in the Smart Bar that let you use either Ginger’s built-in services or other apps you have installed on your device. You can practically pin any app that requires use of the keyboard to the Smart Bar.

Ginger Keyboard - Smart Bar

The Smart Bar offers various options such as sending an IM, SMS or simply opening the app for a lot of popular titles and it makes it really easy to use them without leaving Ginger. Those who enjoy using emojis and animated GIFs will probably appreciate the new additions brought by the latest update.

Ginger Keyboard is nothing but useful and functional, but it doesn’t neglect the visual aspect as the app has a few dozens of themes you can choose from. If you’re tempted to try it or already have it, go to Ginger Keyboard’s Play Store page and grab the latest update!

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