Glimmer is a beautiful alarm app for Android that wakes you up as gently as possible

The ideal way to wake up is to have your loved one or another family member gently nudge you while speaking softly but you probably know adulthood rarely offers such luxuries. The myriad alarms apps available in the Play Store give us plenty of ways to wake up every morning but every now and then a new player worth mentioning appears.

Such is the case of Glimmer, a simple yet beautiful alarm app that lets you wake up gently, but is also able to take it one step further if your lazy self refuses to get out of bed. I am aware that looks alone don’t make a good app, but Glimmer certainly doesn’t lack in this department. The interface is polished and there are no confusing options in there, altough you’ll find the real beauty in Glimmer’s alarm themes.

The way it wakes you up is also very well thought. The app gradually starts to light up the screen of your device 30 minutes before the alarm is scheduled to go off. You can also set Glimmer to play some relaxing sounds of birds chirping which starts in the middle of the process.

As nice as this may sound, some people do love their sleep and they might end up ignoring this forest themed scenario. For this purpose, the app can play a loud sound one minute after you decide to “postpone” your wake up to make sure you do get up on your feed and won’t be late for school, work or any other activities you have scheduled for the day.

The next part, can also be done from your phone settings or via another app, but still I do think the automated switching from “night mode” to “day mode” has its place in an alarm app. This option allows Glimmer to mute notifications and disable WiFi for the night, and automatically enable wireless connectivity and sounds in the morning.

Glimmer is not the most advanced alarm app – there’s no Tasker integration and other similar features, but it’s perfect if you aren’t looking for this sort of functionality. You can use all of Glimmer’s features for free, but in order to customize them you’d need to buy the small $1 IAP.

Download Glimmer (Google Play)

Even so, you can still enjoy the fully-featured app for free so do give Glimmer a try if you find it interesting and come back to tell us how you liked it.

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