GoldWave: Powerful audio editing tool

GoldWave is one of the most comprehensive audio editing software in the market, offering a ton of features at a low price. The application offers a trial version with a time limit after which a license must be bought.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process does not have anything to confuse you as it completes rather fast and is very simple. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


There are two windows that pop up when you start the application, the main window and the Control one. The main interface window is quite overwhelming. There is a huge toolbar that lies across the length of the window offering tons of utilities, settings and options for the users that know what to do with them. The Control window simply offers options for playing the audio files you have inserted and keeping in track with various details about them.

Inserting an audio file can be as easy as dragging and dropping it to the main interface window. Of course, you also have the option to browse your computer from inside the application and find the files you are looking for. You can insert more than one audio file at a time and edit them simultaneously. This is amazingly useful for when you want to edit the same file for example and you want to see the changes you have made to the original while also preserving it and checking it out. Every audio file that you are working on has its own window inside the application which you can freely move around as you see fit.

Using the toolbar is very easy as well. Each icon you will see has its own editing window with a lot of options in each one. The amount of customization options in this audio editor is stunning and all the information will seem a bit too much at the beginning. However, the user manual that comes with the application does a very good job in explaining all the different functions of the program, what you can edit and how. It is easily accessible by the Help tab in the top of the main interface.

A lot of the icons in the toolbar can also be found in the top tabs for easier access. Most of the utilities can also be assigned to a hotkey so that you can use them directly from your keyboard. You can edit literary everything inside the application, from the form of the windows to the position of each utility in the toolbar. Messing around with the options can produce positive results that will make your time with GoldWave a more pleasant one. This goes double for the various plugins available. If the default interface seems too overwhelming you can always change it to better suit your own needs.


-Fast installation
-An abundance of options for each utility
-Humongous toolbar with a ton of modules
-Very helpful manual
-The ability to edit multiple audio files at the same time


-Cluttered interface for first time users


GoldWave lives up to its reputation as one of the best audio editing applications in the market. With a list of features that would make any developer proud, GoldWave truly shines in each aspect and aspiring audio editors should definitely give it a try.