short links now deep link straight to Android and iOS apps

As long as you at least browse the web and social networks occasionally, you probably stumbled upon short links and until now they were no different than other short URLs. Google has taken their link shortening service to the next level, as short links can now be used to link all types of content regardless if it’s on websites, Android or iOS apps.

To make things clearer here’s a quick example: clicking on a shortcut that links to a Google Maps page that has specific navigation instructions on how to get from point A to point B, will open the navigation app automatically (if you have it installed of course), and those exact instructions will be loaded. In case you don’t have Maps installed, it will load the content in a web browser.

This new capability reflects onto both old and new shortcuts and it works on Android and iOS devices.  Developers can enable this feature into their apps using the URL Shortener API offered by Googe. This way, users can share links will be opened automatically in the related apps and others will be able to embed these links in websites and other third-party apps.

If you’re an app developer interested in the new functionality of short links you can find out everything you need to know, as well as join the App Indexing for Android and iOS program right here. Besides the share flow of apps, the URL Shortener API can be integrated into email campaigns (but not only) so included links will deep link to your apps.

The new deep linking system offered by short links will significantly change how developers share and advertise their content, as well as the way users interact and engage with it. The official announcement also offers a live example of how the system works. If you’re curious simply click on this link :  from a phone that has Google Maps installed.

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