Google Keyboard update comes KitKat flavoured

Cezar Renta

If one of your friends has the latest Nexus 5, you probably heard about the new updated KitKat keyboard…and you probably want it and you want it now, am I right? Well, fear not, it seems Google decided to give us Android 4+ folk the same keyboard version, in the latest Google Keyboard update.


You’ll immediately notice the new black and grey look and the new emoji smiles (if your phone supports it), which are replacing the classic smilies. The new keyboard version gets a bit more cleaner, with a better punctuation layout, a change I was expecting for a long time now. And finally, a worthy feature, the Space aware Gesture Typing  – which allows you to swipe over the space bar to insert spaces without lifting your fingers while typing. I don’t know if this latest Google Keyboard update will convert those Swiftkey users but I’m sure this is a welcomed change for any Android newcomers.

Get the new Google Keyboard from Google Play