Google PhotoScan lets you save your old printed photos

Before selfies and digital photography, we had to rely on traditional cameras and printed photos. Since we’re still not that far from those times, almost everyone has some old printed pics in their house. Nevertheless, paper fades with time and a simple solution to make sure your photos will live forever is to digitize them. Google PhotoScan is a newly launched app that makes it very easy to do that.

The app lets you take a picture of any printed photo regardless if it’s framed or not, and save it in the cloud. It eliminated problems such as light reflections, shadow casts of objects or the photographer and more. Google PhotoScan automatically detects edges, removes glare, straighten the photo and rotates if needed with no effort on your part.

PhotoScan’s main purpose is to simplify digitizing printed photos. The app certainly makes it much easier compared to manually scanning them, since it automatically performs fixes. To get an accurate representation of the old picture the app lets you take five shots and they are stitched together for the best result.

Once the digital version of your photo is saved, you can share it, as well as automatically uploaded to Google Photos.

Speaking of, Google Photos also received additional editing options. With the latest update, the Photos app allows you to adjust light and color, exposure, whites, shadows, and highlights. However, for quick retouches, you can simply use the auto enhance feature.

Google PhotoScan is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download the app to give it a try by visiting the links below:

Download Google PhotoScan for Android

Download Google PhotoScan for iOS

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