Google Play now features ‘Best of 2014’ lists for apps and games

As Christmas approaches everyone is tempted to dig deeper into their pockets and bring some well deserved joy to themselves and their loved ones. Why buy a new pair of shoes when you can buy X new games and apps to kill some (more) quality time on your smartphone? And why not both?

It’s time for Android’s annual ‘best of 2014’ lists. The one for apps was already published a couple of days ago, and it features a lot of big names like IFTT, SwiftKey, Shazam, Wunderlist and Link Bubble among many others. The list may slightly vary from one country to another but the international successes are all there, and most of the apps in the top are free.

As ‘Best games of 2014’ got published today, it’s time to see which games made it to the top this year (surely at least some of your favorite are in there). It’s a great mashup (mostly with free titles, just like the apps list) that packs popular games like Smash Hit, Angry Birds Epic, Hitman GO and Asphalt 8: Airborne and a few lesser known ones such as Dragons World and War of Nations.

Are there any of your favorite games on the list and are there any you think don’t belong there? We’re always excited to hear your opinion!